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I am a Derpadex programmed by Professor Kiy. My function is to gather and provide information on new species of Pokémon. If lost or stolen, I cannot be replaced.

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Entry #133

Uncertain Pokémon

A harmless and lazy Pokémon to both extremes. Sleezee really seems like it hasn’t a care in the world.  it is very contented with spending all day watching TV.  Though it sounds like a lazy endeavor, the Sleezee absorbs much knowledge this way.  The only thing it has to worry about is feeding itself a balanced breakfast and keeping its balance.  However, It has been noted that a Sleezee might become worried about not being able to make anything of itself and fade into mediocrity. This can take an enormous toll on the Sleezee’s health and mental state. Poor little pal. If you come across a Sleezee who is worried or uncertain of itself, please give it some kind words!  Believe me Sleezee, You’re still just a young pup with a lot of potential~! Never give up lil pal~!  Keep going at it and never give up~! Don’t forget to brush your teeth~!  You can do it~!
With its self esteem high, a simple Sleezee can reach a level of Derp far beyond itself. 

Is known to evolve in many DERPY ways
like being touched by a stone or some nonsense

Anonymous asked: The seems to be some strange felines in my way. One has a mermaid tail. What could it be?

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There can be only one, you know this Mudkip.



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Entry #039
Jiggle Puff
Jiggly Puff Pokémon

Its got a jiggle, and its got a puff.  That is really all there is to this little pink ball.  However, Jiggle Puff has been known to relapse into its previous violent behavior when it doesn’t think it is being appreciated enough.  The worst thing it has done when exacting revenge is angrily draw on people’s faces with a marker, so there is no real need to worry.  Other than that, it is a pretty laid back Pokémon.  

Evolves from Iggacules the Buff when its Happiness is maxed out and it forgets its violent and evil ways. 
Evolves at LVL DERP

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Seriously though, Thank you all so much~
y’all are the best and I’ll do my best to answer them soon!
with love, 
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Entry #359
Lopsided Pokémon

Also known as one of the few ‘Fashion Victim’ Pokémon, as the horn on the side of a Lopsol’s head seems to serve little to no purpose.  The horn causes some balance issues and creates a… unique method of travel which includes a lot of falling, rolling and tumbling.  This Pokémon often crashes into many obstacles along its travels and usually makes a wreck of the joint.  I suppose you could call this Pokémon a natural disaster in and of itself.  If you see a Lopsol, please be wary of the surrounding environment for potential hazards caused by the Lopsol. 

This Pokémon is not known to evolve but it has been rumored that it can perform a Mega Derp. 

Anonymous asked: Hey, Derpster? Could you please tell me about this Pokémon I just caught? It has white fur, keeps saying "Sol", and has some scythe-horn thing on its forehead. It also saved me from a falling boulder, if that helps.

A falling boulder?!  Were you in Pewter city??  We really need a road crew down there to put up some warning signs! Ah, anyways…

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'Scythe-horn thing'…


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I dunno, how come Meowth can talk?