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I am a Derpadex programmed by Professor Kiy. My function is to gather and provide information on new species of Pokémon. If lost or stolen, I cannot be replaced.

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Seriously though, Thank you all so much~
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Entry #359
Lopsided Pokémon

Also known as one of the few ‘Fashion Victim’ Pokémon, as the horn on the side of a Lopsol’s head seems to serve little to no purpose.  The horn causes some balance issues and creates a… unique method of travel which includes a lot of falling, rolling and tumbling.  This Pokémon often crashes into many obstacles along its travels and usually makes a wreck of the joint.  I suppose you could call this Pokémon a natural disaster in and of itself.  If you see a Lopsol, please be wary of the surrounding environment for potential hazards caused by the Lopsol. 

This Pokémon is not known to evolve but it has been rumored that it can perform a Mega Derp. 

Anonymous asked: Hey, Derpster? Could you please tell me about this Pokémon I just caught? It has white fur, keeps saying "Sol", and has some scythe-horn thing on its forehead. It also saved me from a falling boulder, if that helps.

A falling boulder?!  Were you in Pewter city??  We really need a road crew down there to put up some warning signs! Ah, anyways…

Searching DerpaDatabase for information relevant to ‘White…’


'Scythe-horn thing'…


… Info Found! 

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I dunno, how come Meowth can talk?

Entry #027
Lethargic Shrew Pokémon

This Pokémon prides itself on being one of the laziest Pokémon-if not beings-in the known Pokéverse.  Sandwich’s most notable feature is that it can roll itself into a Ball-like form.  Though it is possible, it rarely ever feels like it and usually just goes for the easier Lump-like form.  In this form it is able to roll around places… sorta… 

Evolves when it reaches LVL DERP

Anonymous asked: Derpster! I found this weird yellow shrew thing that keeps turning into a ball and digging holes in my roof! It keeps asking me for bricks and nachos! What is it?

It could be a short angry roof repair man who might have missed lunch, but just in case…

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… Info Found! 

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It has been 2 Years since I started the Derpadex
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I have a few things in the works for Derpadex, and I’ll try to get them finished as soon as I can!

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