HI! I'm Derpster!
I am a Derpadex programmed by Professor Kiy. My function is to gather and provide information on new species of Pokémon. If lost or stolen, I cannot be replaced.

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Sorry for the lack of updates!
I’ve been very busy making larger productions!
I have a few things in the works for Derpadex, and I’ll try to get them finished as soon as I can!

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Look what you did!

Anonymous asked: Professor, are you REALLY a professor?

Entry #004
Shiny Churmunder
What a little prick Pokémon

It was bad enough that this Pokémon constantly showed off all the time, but now it gets to be gold and shiny??  The world ain’t fair sometimes, ya know?  Some speculate that a Churmunder’s shininess is caused by the dreaded Derp-é-rus, but no studies have proven so to date.  

Evolves when it reaches LVL DERP

love-war-and-kittens asked: Derpster? I'm in a bit of a dilemma. I just got my first Pokémon, a Churmunder, but instead of that awesome orange color, it's an insanely weird gold. This might sound cool, but I'm worried. Does my Churmunder have a severe case of Derp-é-rus?

Searching DerpaDatabase for information relevant to ‘Churmunder…’

'Insanely Weird Gold'…



… Info Found! 

Retrieving entry.

Anonymous asked: It begins.

Let’s do it. 

Happy Valentine’s day to all you lovely trainers < 3

Anonymous asked: I LOVE YOU

Happy Valentine’s day to you too~! < 3

Anonymous asked: HA YOU'RE BACK EARLY

Not with the Entries just yet Young Anon Trainer,
However I will be going through all the miscellaneous questions and answering them whenever I am able~