HI! I'm Derpster!
I am a Derpadex programmed by Professor Kiy. My function is to gather and provide information on new species of Pokémon. If lost or stolen, I cannot be replaced.

My Creators Art Blog

Pokémon © Nintendo

There can be only one, you know this Mudkip.

Look what you did!

Ah, that would be the Underground DerpaRails. It connects to every building within the compound. 

But… a lot of the time it is shut down due to Zubat infestations in the tunnels. When that happens I commute by bike.

I wish I had a Mach bike…

you’ve made him one happy turnip-I mean, mudkip~

Anonymous asked: Mudkip has a green thumb.


We would starve otherwise. Mudkip grows most of the food for the Derpalabratories compound-AWW WHAT!? Tomatoes and Broccoli for dinner again!?? I’m gonna starve!!!

tsumukuro asked: Derpadex, this lamb creature with a lot of fluff keeps following me and asking me what my Wi-Fi password is. Help?

Searching DerpaDatabase for information relevant to ‘Fluff…’

… Info found! 

purplepokemon asked: Your Blog is completely underrated. These entries are hilarious. Make many more please (✿◠‿◠)


Thank you, you beautiful beautiful beautiful you~

Anonymous asked: Hitmonchan is a cheerleader.

and are we going to have a problem???